Thursday, February 07, 2008

Confessions of a Blabbermouth by Mike Carey, Louise Carey, and Aaron Alexovich

Rating - 2: not worth reading (skip it)

Another "abandoned 20% of the way through" book. I could not see a reason to keep going.

Tasha's mother has horrible taste in men. The new hack novelist boyfriend has a daughter who may or may not be as mentally unbalanced as him. Tasha has a blog, where she can rant about it all.

The art in this graphic novel is the first off-putting thing. In the first pages, the eyes are various shades of disturbing and drawn in three styles. The art settles down as time goes on, but the quality can very; you have some really good art, and then you turn the page and wonder what happened. Drawings of Chloe are uniformly good, Tasha usually, and everyone else is a crapshoot.

The story was going nowhere useful in the first 20%. We introduce a lot of people I don't want to read about, from our protagonist who hates everything to miscellaneous schoolmates who I suppose could acquire interesting differentiating characteristics. New boyfriend, strange jerk as promised, obvious step-sister conflict. And look, everyone's a writer.

If you want the story, you can get it with a quick skim of the book. It should take about two minutes. That speaks well for the artist, since you can see at a glance how things are going in school. The relationship development is a bit more text-driven, and I skimmed more of it than benefit-cost justified.

There must be something I can enjoy in the Minx line.

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