Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Reviews: Index by Rating

71 books read and reviewed this year. The order is by rating then by author/title, with the gaming books in a separate section at the end.

4: worth reading multiple times (buy it)

Thriving on Vague Objectives
by Scott Adams

by Octavia Butler (Xenogenesis, book 1)

An Abundance of Katherines
by John Green

Identity Crisis
by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales

Odd Girl Out
by Rachel Simmons

The Geography of Girlhood
by Kirsten Smith

by Jerry Spinelli

The Strictest School in the World
by Howard Whitehouse

Lord of Light
by Roger Zelazny

3.5: worth reading, parts worth re-reading (borrow or buy it)

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
by Michael Chabon

Permutation City
by Greg Egan

Prayers for the Assassin
by Robert Ferrigno

Snow Crash
by Neal Stephenson

3: worth reading once (borrow it from a library)

by Edwin Abbott

The Naked Sun
by Isaac Asimov

Hugging the Rock
by Susan Taylor Brown

Adulthood Rites
by Octavia Butler (Xenogenesis, book 2)

by Octavia Butler (Xenogenesis, book 3) ((3)

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
by Benjamin Franklin

Ida B
by Katherine Hannigan

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
by Diana Wynne Jones

Anne Freaks Volume 1
by Yua Kotegawa

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies
by David Lubar

The Betrothed
by Alessandro Manzoni (I Promessi Sposi translated by Bruce Penman)

by Patricia McCormick

by Ian McEwan

New Moon
by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight series, book 2)

by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight series, book 1)

The Complete Strangers in Paradise Volume One
by Terry Moore

by José Saramago

Skipping Towards Gomorrah
by Dan Savage

The Warlock in Spite of Himself
by Christopher Stasheff (The Warlock Series, book 1)

Funny You Should Ask... Volume 2
from Thomson Gale

Runaways, Volume 1
by Brian Vaughan and Adrian Alphona

Big Fish
by Daniel Wallace

2.5: parts of it are worth reading once (borrow it from a library)

The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen
by M. T. Anderson

Restoring the Lost Constitution
by Randy Barnett

The Nine Billion Names of God
by Arthur C. Clarke

The Partly Cloudy Patriot
by Sarah Vowell

2: not worth reading (skip it)

God's Debris
by Scott Adams

Justice League Unlimited: Jam Packed Action - Volume 1
by Stan Berkowitz and J. M. DeMatteis

Childhood's End
by Arthur C. Clarke

Teen Titans: Jam Packed Action - Volume 1
by Rick Copp, Tom Pugsley, and Greg Klein

Absolutely Normal Chaos
by Sharon Creech

Against the Giants
by Ru Emerson

Soccer Chick Rules
by Dawn FitzGerald

Anansi Boys
by Neil Gaiman

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days Volume 1
by Fumino Hayashi

Do Not Go Naked into Your Next Presentation
by Ron Hoff

Dead Men Kill
by L. Ron Hubbard

Bad Buster
by Sofie Laguna

SWF Seeks Same
by John Lutz

On Beauty
by Zadie Smith

The Beatrice Letters
by Lemony Snicket

The End
by Lemony Snicket

King Kobold Revived
by Christopher Stasheff (The Warlock Series, book 2)

The Mysterious Benedict Society
by Trenton Lee Stewart

Superman: Birthright
by Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu

Super Emma
by Sally Warner

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World
by John Wood

1.5: parts of it are worth reading once (maybe borrow it from a library)

Mindful Politics edited
by Melvin McLeod

1: not worth considering (burn it)

Lunch Lessons
by Ann Cooper

Nickel and Dimed
by Barbara Ehrenreich

Sardine in Outer Space
by Emmanuel Guibert and Joann Sfar

Don't Think of an Elephant!
by George Lakoff

5 Minutes And 42 Seconds
by T. J. Williams

Gaming Books

4: useful for any campaign (buy it)

Tome of Battle
by Richard Baker, Matthew Sernett, and Frank Brunner

3: useful for many campaigns

Complete Mage
by Skip Williams, Penny Williams, Ari Marmell, and Kolja Raven Liquette

Magic of Incarnum
by James Wyatt, Frank Brunner, and Stephen Schubert

2: of use for some campaigns (but not most)

Complete Psionic
by Bruce Cordell and Christopher Lindsay
Rating - 3: useful for many campaigns

Weapons of Legacy
by Bruce Cordell, Kolja Liquette, and Travis Stout

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