Monday, November 27, 2006

Lunch Lessons by Ann Cooper

Rating - 1: not worth considering (burn it)

This book freely mixes political disinformation with health advice. You will have great difficulty learning anything new because the only way to separate the truth and false here is to already know what is true and false. Either nothing is new to you or else you stand to pick up as many inaccuracies as facts.

Lunch Lessons argues that we face a crisis of childhood obesity and malnutrition. We need to reform how we feed our children and get them on organic, locally grown produce. Half of the books consists of recipes.

Some of the claims are suspicious. Some of them are verifiably false. Others are great advice that are based on scientific research. Good luck working that out.

The obvious irrationalities to ignore are support of organic foods and opposition to genetically modified ones. Organic is a process, not a product. All foods are genetically modified, and modern techniques are safer and more efficient variations on the selective breeding we have been doing for centuries. Worries about corporate "frankenfood" have about as much scientific backing as worries about Communists fluoridating our water supply.

Some of the recipes do look interesting, however, so this may rise to a 1.5 at some point. The book claims to possess the best recipe ever, which I should try. How can you pass up literally the best recipe ever? Who knew that the best recipe ever was mac'n'cheese?

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